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It is a game that connects the virtual world with the real world. Location TAGs are placed at different locations around the world that anyone can visit, earning Stamps, WILD Tokens, cash or prizes. There are 4 types of TAGs (GeoTAGS, QR Codes, Beacons and NFC). WILD Tokens are used to place more TAGs where you want them, add prizes or pay for advertising.

TAGS placed in the real world have attached advertising or information that can be changed as needed. As players visit to receive Stamps, earn WILD Tokens, get to higher levels or win prizes they see an advert at the same time. The owners of each Location decide what appears. The more TAGs that players visit, the more valuable the TAG location is. Here are some examples of use case scenarios.

  • GeoTAGS placed in open air, near businesses that want to attract new customers.
  • QR Code TAGs or NFC TAGs used for loyalty inside businesses to attract repeat customers.
  • Bluetooth Beacon TAGs broadcasting a short distance from a business inside shopping malls, where geoTAGs are harder to locate.
  • Acquire geoTAGs close to competitors to lure customers to your own business.
  • Imagine you have a restaurant close to the Empire State Building. The geoTAG placed at the center of the building goes through every floor. Thousands of people can now play the game every day. If you own that Location, show your own special offers to pull people to your restaurant. Hyperlocal advertising!

Different types of TAGs need different ways to interact with:

  • GeoTAGs - walk within 20m and the app lets you know automatically.
  • QR Codes - Use the T button at the base of the app to scan the QR code.
  • Beacons - Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on and within 20m you will be asked to capture it. These may also be moving if people are wearing them, and these wil not be marked on the map.
  • NFC - With an NFC enabled phone, touch the NFC TAG to capture it.
Each Level a player goes through contains an increasing number of Stamps to collect. Each stamp is reflected with Flags of different countries. Each time a player visits a TAG, a random Stamp is given is awarded. In each Level, Stamps are valued at 1 to 5 WILD Tokens, so for example Level 1 has 5 Stamps with value from 1 to 5 WILD, level 2 has 20 Stamps, with value of 1 to 5 WILD (2 of each Stamp have the same value) and so on, increasing by 5 Stamps for each Level. A 2 point Stamp is twice as hard to get as a 1 Point Stamp, a 3 point Stamp is twice as hard to get as a 2 point Stamp, and so on up to a 5 point Stamp. If after scanning you get a Stamp you already own, it won't give you any points, but it will be stored so you can use it to fight other players for a Stamp you don't have. Once a player finishes each level, they also receive a bonus.

Different types of TAGs need different ways to add them to the system. Each costs WILD Tokens to place and geoTAGs must be further than 50m from each other. FOR QR CODES, BEACONS and NFC, if you place one within 50m of another, it will be added to the system, but will not appear on the map, although it can still be detected or scanned using the Tagwild app. For each TAG, players can optionally add a name, a photo of the location, and an advertising link.

  • GeoTAGs - Stand where you want to place a GeoTAG, wait 30 seconds for your GPS to stabilise and then click the T icon on the app and enter the info to add. Optionally, you can add them on the Tagwar map via this site. Price is 100 TAG WILD Tokens per placement
  • QR Codes - Generate the QR codes you want to use, print them out, then use the T button to scan and place them. If the QR code is mobile, like inside a Taxi, then it will not appear on the map, but it will be still work when scanned by a player. Price is 500 WILD Tokens to activate a code.
  • Beacons - Switch on your beacon, and the app will detect and let you add to the system ready to be detected by players. Mobile Bluetooth beacons,like wristbands,can be added but will not appear on the map. Price is 500 WILD Tokens to activate a code.
  • NFC - With an NFC enabled phone, and the app open, touch the NFC TAG to bring up a dialog to place the TAG. Price is 500 WILD Tokens to connect an RFID.
WILD Tokens are earned by visiting TAGs in the apps. You will be able to see all TAGs within 1km radius of your location on the map, so you just have to visit one and the app will automatically detect it within a 20m radius. You can filter what types of TAGs are available via the Filter icon on the bottom right of the red bar. If you capture a new Stamp, then you will get the points for that Stamp but if you already have it, it will be stored in the fightbank for later battles against other players. For that you will need WILD Tokens. Sometimes, a TAG creator might give extra WILD to attract you visit that TAG. If you are the owner of a TAG you will earn WILD TOkens when players visit them (if you are using TAG advertising). You will need WILD Tokens to buy new TAG Locations, to fight other players for Stamps you don't get have, to give as bonus to visit TAGs, or to pay for advertising. ALternatively you can sell them to other players directly, or trade them on the Tagcash website. However, since we can reissue as many WILD as we want, they will never hav emore value than 1 US Cent. If you need extra WILD Tokens, you can buy them on Tagwild or via

Earn WILD Tokens
  • Visit TAG - 1 to 5 WILD + Bonus if any
  • Prizes as bonus WILD Tokens
  • Complete levels - Bonus Points, depending on Level, equal to the amount earned in that level. Once level 10 is reached, 15 points are added to the bonus for level reached.
  • TAG Advertising for TAG owners - 0.5 WILD Tokens per visit
Spend WILD Tokens
  • Buy geoTAG - 500 WILD Tokens
  • Place QR, Beacon or RFID - 500 WILD Tokens
  • Give Bonuses to players visiting
  • Post Prizes for players to win
  • Pay for Advertising
  • Sell on for
Buy WILD Tokens (EP)
  • 1,000 WILD - $9.95
  • 2,700 WILD - $24.95
  • 5,750 WILD - $49.95
  • 12,000 WILD - $99.95

Each TAG Location on the map that is bought or acquired by players, is also created as a Blockchain Token in the Tagcash Blockchain. It works the same way as Bitcoin, but there can only be ONE instance of a Location, and it is not divisible. (With Bitcoin there can be 21 million, divisible up to 8 decimal places). NFTs can be transfered to others using the same method as any cryptocurrency, all you need is the address of the other person to transfer it to. They can be sold at auction on the website or app. The bottom line is that you OWN the location, and it can be used in other games not connected to Tagwild. You can leave us to manage the private key for your NFTs, or you can take control of ownership. One last note - All Locations must be 50 meters away from any other Location.

Tagwild is available as both Android and iOS app.

Different types of TAGs can be used to promote your business in different ways. For example, geoTAGs can be placed next to or near your business premises. If a Location is already taken, then make an offer to buy it or advertise just on those Locations.

Each time a TAG is visited to win WILD Tokens and Stamps, an advert or promotion appears to the Player. If you own the TAG you can earn from TAG Advertising, or choose what appears. If you want to use a Bluetooth beacon on your premises, any time someone comes within 20m of it they will see your promotion or ad. If you want to use NFC or QR codes, then that is also an option, but you are responsible for how many bonus WILD you give for doing so.

If you want to advertise on TAGs that you don't own, the cost is 1 WILD Token per advert view. THe adverts can be a plain image, a feedback form, or a poll. For the last 2 options, you can give players WILD tokens to incentivise them.

Each TAG visit by a player shows the screen for Stamp won, points, bonus points and possible prize. Half the screen is dedicated to an advert which can be placed by anyone. To place an advert, simply go to the Advertise link on the website, or on the left menu of the app, and upload your ad graphic. It should be 360px wide by 300 tall. Specify the radius from a location so it will be limited to visits within that area, or choose the group you want it to apply to. Set the number of times one user will view your advert, and total number of views that will be shown. For each view by a player, you will be deducted 1 WILD Token.

Prizes can be added by anyone and is a good alternative to advertising, usually because when a player wins a prize they share it on social media for all their friends to see. You can set a prize to be won within a certain area, and within a group you create via the Groups Menu. For example you could create TAGs within your chain of shops and only allow players to win IF they visit your shops. Prizes cost 1000 WILD Tokens to add. Prizes can be as follows:

  • Coupon - redeemable at the retailer - when redeem button is pressed, the prize in the user prize list will disappear.
  • Promo Code - individual codes that can be used on websites to access services etc. THe user only sees the code once they press the redeem button.
  • Airtime Load - Give prizes in mobile airtime that be instantly redeemed on a users mobile phone. If you create prizes like this will need to top up your currency wallet in for this to work.
  • Bonus Points - WILD Tokens can be given as prizes, deducted from your balance when a user redeems the prize.

If you want to limit advertising or prizes that can be won, then create a group. THen set the Advertising or Prizes to that group. Great for tradeshows, promotions or limiting the interactions to a set of Locations.

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